Table Tennis Twinning, May 2017


Thirteen of us from Generation 2 from  set off on Friday 26th May from Portsmouth to Cherbourg on the fast ferry, arriving in France at 7.30 pm. The drive to Vannes took about 4 hours. We were met at Kercado Sports Centre and taken to our host families.

Saturday morning was free, and the table tennis ‘Davis Cup’ started at 1 pm. Ethan Cooksley, our youngest player at 11 years and Jordan Le Ponnier were the champions!

On Saturday we held a BBQ at the AJK Clubhouse – lots of food and drink.

Sunday was the team event – AJK won 2 – 1. We enjoyed a group restaurant meal in the evening.

Monday evening was presentation night, with gifts and trophies exchanged.

Tuesday saw us all leave Vannes for a supermarket shop, and the drive back to the ferry which was delayed by an hour, but the crossing was good.

Lovely to renew friendships with the players in Vannes.


One thought on “Table Tennis Twinning, May 2017

  1. Excellent ‘photo’s and brief synopsis of another successful table tennis Twinning event.
    Thank you.


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