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+ Death of Queen Elizabeth – Messages from Vannes and Fareham’s Proclamation

+ Sad News: John Robertson, a long-standing member of FVTA, has passed away. Messages from Chairman and our friends in Vannes are here.

New Programme for the Groupe de Conversation Française. See the Group Page

The aim of FVTA is to  help citizens and organisations in Fareham and Vannes to conduct cultural exchange visits. We assist in liaison between Fareham and Vannes organisations, and we conduct a French Conversation Group.

On espère que nos amis Vannetais trouveront de l’intérêt à ce site. Si vous avez des informations sur Vannes qui peuvent aider les citoyens de Fareham à mieux apprécier Vannes, nous serions heureux de les recevoir. S.V.P. utilisez le formulaire de contact. Merci.

Vannes is a medium-sized town in Brittany, NW France. It lies at the head of an ‘inland’ sea, the Gulf of Morbihan. The whole area is rich in maritime traditions.

Vannes Saturday Market

Exchange visits currently take place between sailing clubs, musicians, doctors, table-tennis players, as well as groups of individuals drawn from each town’s conversation groups. Some exchanges take place at a more formal level involving each town’s councillors. On the ‘how twinning works’ page you can read about members’ experiences of twinning with Vannes, and how to join in.

The Association is always on the lookout for new opportunities for twinning with Vannes. If your group thinks it might wish to meet and share with like-minded folk in Vannes, do get in touch with one of our Officers or use our contact form.

2016 was the 50th anniversary of Fareham – Vannes twinning. A party of Vannes civic officials and citizens visited Fareham in the period 10th – 14th September to participate in the anniversary. Here’s what happened . . . .

If you would like to brush-up or try-out your French prior to an exchange visit, our French Conversation Group meets twice each month in Titchfield.

The Association is run by a Committee of Officers.

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