Charlie Childs & Table Tennis Twinning

Charlie Childs passed away in March 2020. Charlie was a stalwart and enthusiastic advocate of the twinning between the table tennis players of Generation II and AJK Vannes.

Here is a message from Eric Querel, President of AJK Vannes, the table tennis club in Vannes with which Generation II exchanged.

“Dear Janice, Kathy, Simon, Isaac and all our English friends,

First of all, i would like to tell you how much we are sad not to be able to be with you for this special day. This commemortive event is for Charlie, our friend, that we had the great privilege to know and to rub shoulders with. Charlie was a great table tennis player but over all, he was a fantastic coach, able to see what was wrong in the way you play in less than 5 minutes. He was also a great competitor, wanted the best from himself and from everybody.

Charlie was involved in the twinning like no one. I have been twinning since 1983 and i have never seen Charlie absent for any edition. He was always there.

But Charlie was also a very kind person with a great sense of humour. I can confirm you that as i had the great privilege to be hosted by Charlie and Janice in 1994 during 10 weeks. During that time, i shared the family life of a thoughtful husband and father who was yet such an important person for table tennis.

Thinking of Charlie reminds me so many good memories with table tennis but also around our sport. So i can remember lot of parties during thoses many twinnings with english and french friends ending late at night or early in the morning ! Today, i also have a big thought for Big Geoff and Tim who also left us too early. Wherever you are all 3 together, i can imagine that you are playing table tennis and having a good beer.

Charlie, i have to say that we miss you everyday but one thing i am more than sure i that we will never forget you. Rest in peace our friend.


In August a tribute was paid to Charlie: Charlie’s Big Table Tennis Day. Organised by the Club and his wife, Janice, it was a lovely, if sad at times, day that he would have loved. 120+ people attended for a BBQ, table tennis demos from England-ranked players and practise tables for all to use.

Janice Childs presents a cheque for the Charlie Childs Coaching Grant fund.

A fund was started that day by Table Tennis England in his name to help young people in coaching; more than £5,000 has been pledged. You can find out more about the fund and make a donation here.
The local TV were in attendance and their report was aired a week later. It was a lovely tribute. Unfortunately our French friends could not attend due to Covid-19 but they were there in spirit. Mike Cooksley and I have spoken to people from AJK Vannes and they are already talking about our Twinning in May 2022.
The new membership at Gen II are looking forward to the ‘Twinning Experience’ and as a club we are in a good position to host a ‘Celebration Twinning’.

Janice Childs


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