Twinning Exchange Visit 2019

FVTA Chair Katrina Trott kept a diary of the visit . . . .

Tuesday June 25th

Overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Caen. With our  back seat passengers, John Robertson a long standing member of FVTA and frequent visitor to Vannes , plus Angela Anderson a new member looking forward to her first visit.

Wednesday June 26th

Leisurely journey through lovely countryside to our friend Annie’s home in Vannes, arriving mid afternoon. Angela and John were collected by their hosts from there.  Annie, Peter and I enjoyed an evening with Marcel and Hèlèn at their waterside home with other FVTA guests. Lovely to see and hear many House Martins and Swifts as there are rarely seen in Fareham now.

Thursday June 27th

VERY hot today , so being near the beautiful coast was definitely an advantage. Visitors and hosts began the day visiting the Îsle de Saint Cado, where we came across a group of ladies who visit retirement homes cheering residents by singing. At our request they sang some of their repertoire of traditional songs. We went on to Etel, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch, followed by a river cruise.




Friday June 28th

An enjoyable joint  visit to Crouesty, with a picnic amongst the trees. The highlight of the day was the evening at Théâtre Anne de Bretagne where we saw a demonstration of Breton dancing and singing, which we joined in  later,  followed by a wonderful buffet.


Saturday June 29th 

Our final day. A visit to meet some of the Fareham Sailors, where we were made very welcome, followed by visiting the nearby  Vannes market. We returned ‘home’ to enjoy a  delicious lunch which began at Annie’s before crossing the road to Aline,  Sarah and Jon’s host’s home for dessert.



Our final dinner all  together  at a central Vannes restaurant will long be remembered for the wine tasting and accompanying quiz based on knowledge of wines and their origins. Très difiçile!

Sunday June 30th

Another leisurely journey through northern France, this time with John Robertson and Anne Hall, to reach Cherbourg for the FastCat and a smooth crossing to Portsmouth




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