Civic Visit to Fareham, 2-6 June 2022

Fareham welcomed a party of 12 visitors from Vannes over the weekend of the celebration of the 70th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Our visitors were entertained with local trips, visits to local events focused on the Royal Jubilee, a boat ride round Portsmouth Harbour, a visit to Winchester, two garden parties, an evening of skittles, and, of course, they were received into Fareham residents’ homes to sample English life.

Here are some photographic memories of the visit.

Visit to Winchester

Jubilee Tea
Skittles Supper
Well done!
Richard keeps the score
Pierre-Yves sets the skittles up
Garden Party
Gazebo builders – no instructions!
Success – but skies turned grey!
Boules experts
Who is closest?
Impossible? No – true!
Presentation to hosts
Visit to Port Solent
Aboard in Portsmouth Harbour
Departure at the ferry port. Bon voyage!

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