Civic visit to Vannes, May 2017

Commemorative plaque – a gift from our hosts

A party of 20 Fareham citizens, led by our Mayor and Mayoress, visited Vannes 24 – 28 May 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of jumelage with Fareham. The visit coincided with the famous Semaine du Golfe , and with the Des Roues et des Voiles veteran car event attended by 20 members of the South Hampshire Vehicle Preservation Society.

SdG poster

Roues et Voiles.jpg

There were visits to the ports participating in the Semaine du Golfe; dedication of a children’s playground as Le Square Fareham; a reception and speeches in the Mairie (Maire Robo tweeted the occasion here ); a picnique jumelage & visit to a fishing museum at Etel; a visit to the Chapel at St Cado; an evening demonstration of traditional Breton folk life and dancing; and a Gala Dinner on the Presqu’ile de Conleau.

Here are some photographs recording  the highlights of this wonderful visit, made in beautiful hot weather.

Arradon SdG.JPG
Semaine du Golfe – a flotilla approaches Arradon
beer on Rabine
Welcoming beer on the quayside
green car
Des Roues et des Voiles visitor
Vannes harbour
Small boats in Vannes for the Semaine du Golfe
bagpipe contest
Semaine du Golfe, Vannes – Bagpipe contest!
Vannes boats
More boats in Vannes for the Semaine du Golfe
boat building
Semaine du Golfe, Vannes – Demonstration of boat-building
flower boat
Vannes boat – with additions!
Semaine du Golfe, Vannes – Breton heritage
square Fareham
Dedication of Square Fareham
square crowd
The crowd applauds & records the dedication!
red car
Des Roues et des Voiles in Square Fareham
Vannes – Hôtel de Ville
Mayors HdV
Fareham Mayor, Mayoress and past Mayor in the Mairie
Mayors speech
Speech by David Robo, Mayor of Vannes
newspaper report
Report in “Ouest France”
musee poster
Off to Etel

beach pic 2.JPG

beach pic 3.JPG

beach picnic
Beach Picnic at Etel
Etel pano
Etel panorama
In the Musée des Thoniers
Museum foghorns
St Cado
St Cado
Breton traditional dancing at the Palais de Arts, Vannes
reception Roof
Final reception and dinner at Conleau

More pictures are on the Vannes – Fareham Twinning wesbsite here.


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