Fareham’s New Mayor


Introducing the new Mayor of Fareham

The new Mayor of Fareham for 2019/20 has been appointed at the Mayor Making ceremony at Ferneham Hall on 9 May 2019. Councillor Mrs Pamela Bryant is now the Mayor of Fareham, and the Mayoress is her daughter, Councillor Mrs Louise Clubley.

Mayor of Fareham, Councillor Mrs Pamela Bryant, said: “I am honoured and delighted to be serving the community as the Mayor of Fareham for a second time. Being Mayor gives me a great opportunity to promote some wonderful causes and raise money for my Mayoral charities.”

The new Mayor’s Cadet for 2019/20 is Cpl Emily McKnight, from 1350 Squadron, Air Training Corps.

Mrs Bryant is one of the Council’s appointees on the Committee of the Fareham-Vannes Twinning Association.


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